About Us

PEAKPINE Solutions is a business development firm with provisions for affordable and  innovative long-term business solutions to Startups, MSMEs, and Organizations. We offer bespoke solutions in business solutions, marketing solutions, branding solutions  such as business writing, market research and analysis, website design, digital marketing and  Brand Identity. 

PEAKPINE Solutions is a one-stop proactive and active business solutions entity established to provide business solutions advisory to entrepreneurs. We have a deep insight of the issues faced by businesses in Nigeria and therefore create the  solutions that address the unique challenges of our clients.

At PEAK PINE SOLUTIONS, we ensure a proper and in-depth look at every business needs. Each business, organization and individual we serve has diverse distinctive feature, hence we treat each business diversity with an inclusion mentality in order to deliver an excellent result for all. Hence we take it upon ourselves to proffer custom made solutions to such business, organization and individual business needs.

We are dedicated to helping clients achieve this critical aspect by working as a team of serious minded professionals. Since the establishment of PEAK PINE SOLUTIONS, we ensure regular expansion of our business networks while providing affordable high value added business solution services that takes into cognizance startup, SMEs, organizations and individuals in achieving excellent business operations

Our Brand

OUR BRAND – The business name ‘’Peak Pine Solutions’’ represents the determination of the firm 

The term ‘’Peak Pine”  to be an evergreen and valuable global business solution firm with an excellent mentality.

The term ‘’Pine’’ was coined from  the “pine tree” an evergreen tree that never loses its leaves, the wood is used for crafting high valued lasting furniture. 

Our corporate name and identity is centered around our business philosophy


Our Vision

Our vision is to become Africa’s foremost business partner with a global impact.  Once a partner always a partner

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the growth of startups, MSMEs, and organizations by providing our business partners with affordable lasting solutions and innovative ideas needed to reach maximum potential. We are committed to improving business by ensuring that our partners achieve their short  and long term business goals through our scalable strategy

Our Strategy

Our company has a concise strategy which is to  become every business ‘FOREMOST PARTNER” in a manner that respond to each client’s needs in an effective and exceptional manner irrespective of their economic class or value..

Creating strong client relationships:

 Client relationship in most industries can be inconsistent and more often than not do not represent best practices. We are committed to serving every client effectively and offering the best service to them.  We believe that putting in our best to build good connections and relationships at client management levels in each client organization will put us at an added advantage over other business solution firms .  This will effectively give us  regular client insights thereby enabling us to develop solutions that will suit their  diverse range of objectives.

Increasing client reach through  collaboration and partnership

 At PEAKPINE Solutions, we strongly believe that collaboration and partnership are critical to business success and sales.  Internal collaboration–marketing, sales, customer service — all working together to grow the business; external collaborations–working with business partners in reaching more customers;by becoming a trusted advisory in facilitating their selling processes.  We have inculcated a  structure that supports collaborating and partnering with clients and vendors for a deeper market coverage and penetration

Our Core Values

Our business is built on our distinct core values

PROFESSIONALISM: At PEAKPINE, we are committed to producing high quality work and delivering  exceptional service . We personally commit to continuous improvement and professional growth with our partners.

EXCELLENCE: At PEAKPINE, we are committed to delivering the highest quality and value possible through relevant, creative and lasting solutions

ADVENTUROUS: At PEAKPINE, we are bold and daring .We always explore new possibilities by thinking outside the box which enables us to be ahead in our profession

KINDNESS: At PEAKPINE, we are committed to treating each client as a partner. We regularly look forward to working with each partner by showing empathy and kindness